Hey Hollie –
I’m checking in to give you our update as requested. Everything and one is transitioning in fairly smoothly. The puppies are doing well – Every day they generate their own new puppy tale…… And two is definitely more fun than one! The best way to describe it is this: I had my first child – and I was in love with him. I could sit and watch him all day. And he was fun and full of life (and challenging moments….) And then I had my daughter. And she was fun and full of life (and challenging moments …..). But then we had all of the times and memories of the things they did together – like the first time he pulled her down the road in the wagon or they took a bath together and splashed all over the tub. So I think two puppies are going to be a lot like two kids. Watching the two of them body slam each other as they play in the backyard or sleep together half in and out of the water bowl, or tug the same bone back and forth is a lot of fun. And conveniently, they both manage to potty at the same time every time! The one thing I would want to point out to anyone who got two at the same time is that they should break them up for individual bonding time on a regular basis. My trainer reminded me of this – and my brother who got two sibs at the same time and did not do that feels like the dogs are not as responsive to him as they could be.
Seriously though, my vet was very impressed. One of my friends is actually her vet tech and she said that Dr. J was actually initially concerned there might be something wrong they were so laid back. (They were sleeping in the room when she came in). She’s never had such calm puppies come thru. Her only concern was they had a little green eye goop that had just popped up Sun pm/yesterday – but she didn’t want to treat unless they develop any other symptoms. (Which has pretty much cleared up since I originally wrote this……)
The coordinator for the 4H club and the Paws for Reading Program and Nursing Hall Therapy Dog Program has been over to work with Cassidy on some new training techniques for Cass to use – marker words etc. that we didn’t incorporate into Tigger’s training years ago. The girls are already responding to that and some exercises that I used on Tigger to make the come a guaranteed command J
Anyhow, it’s a very exciting time all the way around. The puppies are either sleeping or playing and loving. Tigger – the wolfhound – was not so excited at first about the puppies. She was backing away when they approached her. But by day three, she was sneaking up behind them. And by day four, she was trying to herd and bounce them. Which, granted, is a little intimidating when you are outweighed by 120 pounds. So I think they are going to work it all out. Now we are playing a new game …. Dodge and Decoy. She goes to round them up….. one dodges away so she chases them and then the other decoys her attention for a moment and then dodges. So she can’t decide who to chase. So they end up running in big circles until they all end up at the back door.
And they did get new names……. We wanted short kid friendly names for the therapy dog work. So they are Peach and Daisy. Gamers recognize them as the princesses that Mario and Luigi are trying to save. Cassidy decided which one was Daisy by calling the name and seeing who would respond. Coincidentally it was the bigger of the two girls….. my “lazy” daisy who decided to quit walking on the trail expecting to be carried on the day we drove home. The registered names will be: Syrah’s Peaches and Cream and Syrah’s Lazy Daze of Summer.
I did adjust the feeding schedule – and that has done the trick. The first night Daisy barked once – I told her “Hollie said to tell you to be quiet and go back to sleep ” – which she promptly did! The last two nights they have slept thru 10:30 to 6.

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