Kevin and Betty Wilson

On February 19th, 2010, we had the terrible task of putting down our beloved Daisy, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever.  We were obviously devastated and weren’t sure if we could ever love another dog, and especially another Golden.  Later that day (yes, the very same day) Betty said that she might want another Golden but that it couldn’t be the color of our first Golden (a very red Golden, whose fur matched our son’s hair color, who was named Lucky and lived 13 wonderful years) or Daisy (whose fur was wheat in color).
So, she typed “white Goldens” into her Web browser and we were led to Hollie’s Web site and discovered that Izzy Bea just had puppies.  Betty called the number on the Web site and Hollie answered on the second ring.  Betty told Hollie of our sadness over the loss of Daisy.  Quite quickly, both of the girls were crying and Hollie said that we needed to come to her place, right away, to get a lot of puppy love.  So off we went to Lula, Ga.
Hollie, and her partner Holly, were absolutely wonderful, the dogs and puppies were beautiful, the facility was amazing and as you can imagine, we put down a deposit on our next little bundle of love right then and there.  We will be choosing the newest member of our family on March 20th and then we will get to bring him home on April 3rd.  We can’t wait!!!!
Thanks so much, Hollie.  Seeing your puppies was incredibly therapeutic and the bear hugs you gave both Betty and I were amazing.  Dog lovers have a boundless capacity to love … even strangers.  We now feel fortunate to count you as a friend who helped us through one of our most difficult moments and we look forward to continuing to grow our friendship in the future.

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