My experience with you began at the Bed and Biscuit Inn.  Ryan and I were going on vacation and believed that no one could take care of our Maggie better than us–until we met you.  We must have called at least 10 times on a 2 1/2 day trip to check on her, but you always assured us she was fine and gave thorough updates on how she was doing.  When we came back from our trip, we had a hard time getting her back in the car!

Upon visiting your facility, Ryan fell in love with the goldens and immediately came home and told me about them.  Rose stole my heart seeing her online and in person.  She was so attentive and good natured.  However, when we brought her home to Maggie, they just didn’t mesh.  After trying several ideas, we felt that Rose was simply not a good fit for our home.  I was devastated and afraid to call you to tell you the news because I am one of those people that refuses to give up.  However, you explained to me that you wanted Rose AND my family to be happy and that you completely understood.  You told me you would begin looking for the perfect fit for me.

The perfect fit came in a tiny package named Galya.  We knew we couldn’t afford a puppy, but felt that we had a great deal of love and attention to offer.  When you called me to say that you wanted me to foster Galya, I cried when I got off of the phone.  I couldn’t believe how I had gone from giving back one of your incredible goldens to having the puppy of my dreams!

Galya currently goes to the office with me 4 days a week.  She is the “office mascot” and gets lots of great socialization with people.  She and Maggie are working out beautifully together.  They both love to go to the dog park and swim in the lake.  I cannot wait to see how spectacular Galya’s puppies are going to turn out.  She is truly one of a kind.

Thank you Hollie for caring so much about your goldens that you make yourself available both day and night.  Your hard work is definitely paying off–just look into Galya’s face and know it is true.  You are a great friend to me, and I look forward to watching Galya have a fantastic life through our combined efforts

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