Terry and Beverly Wheaton

We have a 12 year old golden and I have been wanting to get another before something happens to our older one. One sunday I was looking through the classifieds in a North GA paper and came across their web site. I was very impressed with the web site. A  lot of information about english creams goldens and thats what I have wanted. Once I saw the pictures of the pups I had to call to see if any were available. I called and left a message and Hollie called me back from Texas. She was delivering a puppy to someone there. I couldn’t believe it. Home delivery!. We talked and she had 2 girls left. We were on our way to Virginia so we worked out that we would come back through Gainesville to see the puppies and decide if we wanted one. Well, once we saw them we had to have a little girl. They were beautiful. Holly Crumley gave us all the time to decide if we wanted to take one. She gave us a lot of information about the puppies and we got to meet their mother. They run a very professional kennel. We named her Heidi Isabella and she is beautiful, full of energy and very smart. She does like to chew on just about anything she can find and she gets along great with our outdoor cat. They have become best friends. The puppies and facilities are first rate.  You could not ask for better people to deal with on the purchase of one of their dogs.

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