About Syrah Goldens

Celebrating 14+ Years!


We are not your average breeder.

Our dogs reside in foster homes so they get plenty of attention and socialization everyday. Our dogs live with families as their pet when they are not in season or whelping. This enables our dogs to be both a pet and a parent.

We want our dogs to have the best of all worlds.

Currently, we’re working with some of our dogs to become therapy dogs. Not only do they get to enjoy the life of parenthood, but they also get to give back to our community with us and make people feel good. Additionally, we are also show breeders with our dogs in the UCI shows through IABCA. Our dogs are judged under FCI standards.

All of our breeding females retire on or before the age of five.

At that time they retire to their forever home to live a pet life. From time to time we have retirees available, but for the most part our dogs are claimed before they are ever 1 year old.

If you are interested in learning more about our Sophisticated European Type Light Golden Retrievers contact us today!

At Syrah, you’re joining a golden family. Stay connected with other families on Facebook.

We have created a private group on Facebook just for Syrah Goldens’ families. We help facilitate meet-up groups, play dates, events, and continue to provide breed specific education and cutting edge research. Families discuss topics like grooming, training and boarding. We love to follow pictures, videos and funny stories from all of our families. Here is a link to our public Facebook page so you can see more pictures of puppies from over the years. https://www.facebook.com/Syrahgoldens/

We want all of our buyers to feel educated on the breed they are buying and know what to expect during the journey of owning a golden retriever.

The Golden Retriever Club of America encourages all breeders to spend time with each client educating them on various topics related to responsible pet ownership. Furthermore, the GRCA states that it is the ethical responsibility to help buyers understand the specific breed they are buying. Buying a Golden Retriever is a long-term commitment and shouldn’t be an impulse decision. As with all pure-bred dogs, there is a long list of wonderful qualities that come with each breed.  However, there are also a list of genetic predispositions that each individual breed is known for. Ethical breeders should be a resource for buyers to best protect them and their pet.  Here at Syrah Goldens, we are here for you for the lifetime of your pet! Learn more about the breed in our education center.  https://www.syrahgoldens.com/education-center/

Want More Information?

If you are interested in learning more about our Sophisticated European Type Light Golden Retrievers leave us a message and we’ll contact you!