Hi Hollie,

I just wanted to let you know how much Kevin and I appreciate you!!!!!!  I mean, how many breeders would take the time after they have been driving two or three hours to deliver a precious puppy to their new owner to drive an ADDITIONAL hour and a half out of their way to check on one of their puppies that had already been sold a while ago?????  I bet not a one!!!!

You are truly one of a kind.

I had given you a call after our little Dermot’s second vet visit and I told you that he was 10.2 pounds.  You asked me on that day if I thought he was little skinny.  I mentioned to you that he just didn’t seem to like his food very much and that he never seem interested in eating at all.  Three days later you called to check with me about his weight again.  You told me that you had checked with a couple of the other new owners of the same litter and one of his brothers was 20 pounds, another was 18 pounds and one of his sisters was 13 pounds.  I told you that Dermot also had been having diarrhea for the past 12 hours and I was concerned.  I told you that I had talked to my vet three times in one day and he said to just watch him and to give him some white rice and see how he did and to contact him if he didn’t get better.  Well, he was getting better but I was still worried.

The next thing I know — there you are at my door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dermot was SO happy to see you.  (So were Kevin and I!)  You picked him up and he wiggled and squirmed in your arms and was kissing you all over.  You said that you thought Dermot looked great — a little on the thin side — but that you weren’t worried about him but you thought it might be a good idea to try a different brand of food.  Not only did you tell me what to try, you DROVE me to a pet food supply place near my home, went in with me, answered all my questions and just made me feel so much better about everything.

When we got back home, we put a cup of the new food in Dermot’s dish and he just could not have eaten it fast enough!!!  Every single morsel!  He inhaled it!  What a little angel he is AND what an angel you are, Hollie!  Thank you again for everything.  You call and check on how things are going every now and then and are always willing to answer any questions that we may have.  You go above and beyond!!!

I look forward to our play date that we’re talking about having with Dermot and your Ivoree and Stella!  Can’t wait to see them all together again.

You’re the best!!!!!

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