Do you love golden retrievers?? Well, you will love one of Hollie Autry’s European Creme golden retrievers. I have had two goldens. Jake lived to be 15 years old and my sweet girl, Summer, was 12 ½ years old. She went into kidney failure in November, 2009 and I had to put her to sleep. It was heart breaking because, as you know, golden retrievers leave paw prints on your heart.
I had heard of the European Creme retrievers and, thus, I began my search on line. I contacted several breeders and actually visited one and put a deposit down on an unborn puppy. Then I learned of Hollie Autry and her white goldens. I called her on a Monday and went to visit her and her dogs on a Thursday in December. That was it. I fell in love with her, Holly Crumley, their dogs and their awesome facility. I put a deposit down that day. Hollie’s dogs are simply beautiful and are soooo happy. You must go and visit and, trust me, you will fall in love with Hollie and her dogs.
The Bed and Biscuit Inn is like the Ritz Carlton for dogs and is located on the Crumley’s property. It is beautiful, nestled below the mountains of northern Georgia.  It is difficult to leave our four legged friends behind when we travel, but I will not hesitate to board my dog here. She will get the best of care and lots of attention. In May and April, both Holly and Hollie will begin training sessions at the kennel. I wish I could participate but I live too far away.
From my initial contact with Hollie, she has been so informative and knowledgeable and honest about the European Creme breed. She continues to answer any questions that I have and has assured me to call her if I have any questions or problems once I get my puppy home. And patient, oh my goodness! The day I went to pick my puppy, I was there almost all day. And it was so great to be there with just Hollie and the puppies and to have the time to pick. My little girl is Stella and I cannot wait to pick her up next Saturday. I am so excited!
Yesterday I drove back over to the kennel just to see and play with Stella and all of the puppies. I had so much fun watching the puppies play, run, and nap. This was actually my fourth visit to see Hollie and her dogs. To me, it is quite obvious that Hollie and Holly enjoy and love what they do and they love their dogs and puppies. And it is a two way street………………the dogs and puppies love Hollie and Holly. They are so connected to their dogs and sincerely want the best for them.
Thanks Hollie for making this experience for me so wonderful! You have become a good friend and I will definitely bring Stella back to visit with you and Ivoree.

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