Molly Irwin

We wanted to reach out and update you on our sweet boy, Nash Irwin. He came to us from the Daisy and Cash liter that was born in July 2018 and we got to take his cute fluffy self home in September of 2018. I found Syrah after spending months looking for the PERFECT English cream Golden breeder. I had always wanted an English Cream golden retriever so once I discovered Syrah, I was sold.

When Nash first came home we were living in an apartment in Atlanta. He was a pretty popular puppy in that apartment complex. Everyone remembered him and would point out how big he was getting, even if Cole and I had no idea who the person was or if we had spoken to them before. He definitely was a memorable and friendly little guy.

A year and a half ago, we moved a little more north to a house in Canton and Nash LOVES it here. He has a big fenced in yard that he gets to run around in and a huge neighborhood where he goes on a lot of walks. He gets to spend many weekends at the lake where his grandparents (my parents) live. While there, he gets to ride on the boat with his best friend, Boone, the other golden retriever in my family who we love (my sisters dog). He spends his summers going to the beaches of Florida around Port St. Joe and gets LOTS of snuggles from my nieces who LOVE him more than anything. He is SO good with kids. He truly is the sweetest boy, who loves his mom and dad a lot and gets spoiled quite a bit!

All in all, our Nash is such a blessing and we couldn’t have asked for a better boy. He has such a funny personality but he is so sweet and so good at the same time. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!

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