Peachy Ciraolo-Mock

Well, my story goes like this: In Feb of 2016 I had just lost my 1 1/2 old Golden Vito, (1 out of our 4 Goldens) to a horrible accident! Unbenoinced to my husband & I, Vito had been eating a downspout made out of PVC. Long story short, my Vito & My Sophia (10) yr old Golden both became very sick and ended up in emergency surgery at the same time. So sadly, my Vit’s didn’t make it. He became septic & crossed over in my arms… Ahhhhhh it’s still so fresh to us… We are blessed that our Sophie had a great recovery! Well, I had never done what I am about to tell you… I’m here in GA, and started looking at local breeders, and Syrah Goldens was the first web site I had gone on.

I studied that site lol and low & behold, I call Hollie Mann and left her a very difficult message! Unfortunately, Hollie had just lost one of her furr babies, and when she called me back after a few days, we just connected! Connected on a totally different level, then I ever done with a complete stranger. She was so comforting to me & listened to every tear that was trying to have a conversation with her.. Low & behold, I was in a complete trance, drove 2 hrs in GA, where I had no idea where I was going, and arrived to meet Hollie & her wonderful Brittany… The rest is history… Out came my beautiful Joey! He was sent from heaven for sure…

Thank you all for our beautiful baby Joey who is now a very sweet, love of our lives! Somehow, I truly believe this boy was hand picked by our Vit’s! You just know when you see traits of other pets, in new babies. There is just no way I would be able to teach this sweet Joey how to sleep on top of my head… Yep, the Vit’s would sleep on top of my head, and when I brought Joey home, he crawled up on my head. ❤️

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