We have a Galya/Jim girl, and she is more than beautiful, sweet and one of my favorite Goldens. Summer is gentle and very funny, not overly lively, not too laid back, she is fantastic, and GORGEOUS. She is my most beautiful girl I have. I This is a don’t pass up Golden, for sure. I cannot express that enough. Hollie is a fantastic, young lady with more knowledge than I could ever expect to have, this young woman will exceed and succeed at everything she does. She responds to all my questions and has been a source for me throughout my breeding venture. She has also assisted me in learning to show dogs at a show last Spring, I treasure her every word. Hollie comes with my highest recommendations, as a great breeder, trainer and a business woman. Please feel free to contact me, my experience with Hollie and owning one of her Goldens has been nothing but a fantastic experience. Email me or I can be reached at 615-653-3132 if you have any questions at all. I will be more than happy to speak with you. We love our Summer.

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