The Brandon Family

Our Syrah Golden story started with our son, Drew. He was diagnosed with Stage IV T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in January of 2106. Through many hospital stays and chemo treatments he fell in love with the therapy dogs at the Children’s Hospital. Each sweet and loving dog was a Golden Retriever. It was then that Drew asked for a puppy and he insisted that he wanted a Golden Retriever. We promised once chemo was over in 2018, we would fulfill his wish. In May, Drew became very sick and spent seven weeks in the PICU. After almost losing him twice, I reached out to Hollie Mann and asked if we could purchase a trained puppy. I wanted a puppy waiting for him once he woke up and returned home. I needed an understanding breeder that would provide a calm and patient dog. Hollie called me on Mother’s Day and said she would gift us a puppy. Every time we talked about our new Irish puppy, Drew would squeeze our hands and try to open his eyes. Our sweet Irish puppy, Buddy, was already providing us hope and encouragement and he wasn’t even State side. Drew eventually woke up and left the hospital 4 days before Buddy arrived to our house. I’ve always heard that dogs have keen senses, but had no idea that Buddy would be so gentle with Drew. He nudges him ever so slightly while playing, doesn’t jump up on him, and knows when he needs to be comforted. Buddy is also aware of how much extra attention my nine year old daughter needs by constantly hugging her with his neck. My twelve year old plays tougher with him and I love how he provides a listening ear to all of his troubles. My favorite, is finding my husband and Buddy wrestling on the floor. Buddy far succeeded our expectations and has provided a patient, calm, loving, and playful companion to our family. We will be forever grateful to Hollie Mann and our new Syrah Golden Family. You not only receive a healthy, beautiful, and loving dog when you choose a Syrah; but you also enter a community of amazing people that will help you whenever needed.

Want More Information?

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