Tips for Potty Training Your New Puppy


One of the most stressful and frustrating tasks to accomplish when bringing a brand new puppy home is housetraining!

The puppy is in a completely different environment and she knows very little of how your household works, so it is your responsibility to let her know where to potty and when to do so! After researching a few of Cesar Millan’s techniques, we have learned a few foolproof tips to make the process less challenging. The main thing is to start with a sturdy foundation.

Show exactly where your puppy is supposed to relieve herself from the get go. It is very easy to let the puppy wander and explore her new home before establishing any rules, but it is also very common for the puppy to use that settling in time to sniff out her new potty spot. A wandering pup is usually never a good sign. Leash walk/carry her to the spot, let her explore, encourage her to potty, and reinforce if she does!

If she doesn’t have to potty at that exact moment, that’s OK.

You do not have to stand outside for the next 30 minutes yelling “go potty” in a high-pitched adolescent voice like a lunatic. Keep an eye on her for any signs that she needs to go and take her to the spot before she does. You want to dictate where the first potty at your home happens immediately so that there isn’t an accident inside in which the puppy will establish as her bathroom. No worries if she does have an accident. It happens! Make sure to scrub where it happened well enough so that she can’t associate her own scent as a trigger for her to potty again.

On top of designating where her bathroom is, staying on a consistent schedule is extremely important. A young puppy needs to go every 45 minutes to 1 hour. If they are not used to being crated, look for signals that she has to go and then let her finish out her crate time after she has pottied! Repetition, consistency, and praise are your biggest allies during this process! For more  helpful tips on house training your new puppy, check out

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