How to Understand and Control Excessive Barking


Barking is a completely natural way for a dog to communicate.

In a dog’s world, barking is how it would communicate with its pack leader to identify that a certain need is not being fulfilled. Unfortunately, as humans, we can’t have actual conversations with our dogs to figure out what it is they need at that moment, so they’re going to bark at us until we eventually meet their needs. However, excessive barking is a little bit different. Barking becomes a nuisance when there isn’t a clear understanding of a balance of needs between dog and owner.

Understand what the needs are for you dog.

One of the most common reasons for excessive barking is too much pent-up energy and boredom. Likewise, to a small child, a puppy tends to engage in inappropriate behavior because his mind is that of the energizer bunny! His racing thoughts are going to tell his body to do something, anything to release all the energy it can. The best way to crate your puppy is when he is in a calm and submissive state. It’s as simple as it sounds; the less energy he has, the quicker he will accept that it is time to rest. Establishing an appropriate schedule will also help with the anticipation of a resting period. Doing a quick training session will tire him out physically and mentally as well as going for a walk or playing a short game.

Another reason for excessive barking is the need for attention and love. Most times, an owner will go up to the dog and love on them because the dog immediately stops, or your dog greets you with jumping up and barking in a roar of excitement and you greet them back with a smiling hug. We’re all guilty of it! It isn’t wrong for you or your puppy to be excited to see you, but your attention is a reinforcement of whatever behavior they were doing to get it.

We reinforce polite behavior from the start.

At Syrah Goldens, we like polite greetings to be one of the manners your dog learns. When your puppy wants to eat, play, go outside, or to just say hi, we believe it is appropriate for your puppy to sit in front of you as his way of asking “Can I do this?” or “Will you pet me?” If your puppy begins to bark/jump, ignore him until he stops/sits then reinforce the correct behavior with praise or a treat. Once you figure out what triggers the unwanted barking, make sure not to reinforce it. To get more tips, visit or

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